Your pools best friends – Pool covers

We at Pool Shop Dubai encourage you to use pool covers all the time. Why? Due to low maintenance, environmental temperatures, no evaporation and absolutely clean and healthy pools ready for use.

One such option in pool covers is a good bubble solar cover –  The bubbles make an effective insulating layer above the warm water, retaining heat. In mild weather, these covers may be used to extend the swimming season or to trap heat when temperatures fall at night.

Pool Covers can be removed and fit with absolute ease. You can also fit it properly with rollers and call our customer service to come and do it for you at anytime and provide you with a sparkling clean pool.

Pool covers reduce the amount of chloride being used in your pool. It also collects any falling particles which you can collect and clean later.

Pool covers give you the benefit of sitting back and relaxing and reduces the amount of times you would have had to clean the pool without a pool cover which is pretty much everyday! Bubble solar covers help you extend the life of your swimming pool with as less as only 98% water evaporation.

Pool Shop Dubai has a distinct range of Pool covers and Bubble solar covers at the best qualities and prices to suit your needs.

You can keep your pool healthy and ready for use at anytime with pool covers by Pool Shop Dubai that come with an additional discount!

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