Reduce the maintenance of your pool drastically

Only 1 out of 10 people use a pool cover. But imagine walking into your home and finding your pool filled with dirt and articles that should not have been in your pool in the first place. Not only is there dirt that’s visible to your eye but also growing bacteria that can cause allergic reactions and infections. Think again, do you really want to jump into a pool without a pool cover?

Pool Shop Dubai encourages you to use Pool covers and bubble solar covers on your pool. A pool cover can maintain the temperature of your pool to a vast time in any weather saving you money on electric bills which you would have used for heating / cooling. Pool covers reduce the amount of chloride being used in your pool. It also collects any falling particles which you can collect and clean later.

Pool covers give you the benefit of sitting back and relaxing and reduces the amount of times you would have had to clean the pool without a pool cover which is pretty much everyday! Bubble solar covers help you extend the life of your swimming pool with as less as only 98% water evaporation.

Pool Shop Dubai has a distinct range of Pool covers and Bubble solar covers at the best qualities and prices to suit your needs.

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