A pool equipment supply store that have a wide range of products

Maintaining and cleaning a swimming pool can be tiring and takes a lot of work. Over time, all the equipment of your pool has to be changed from. Old to new. You can also add a number of new items to customize your pool from time to time to make sure the pool is absolutely ready at any time you wish – hot or cold.

If you’re looking to add new supplies to your pool, Pool Shop Dubai is a complete Pool Equipment Supply store that offers you the best quality products at great discounted prices.

Now, you can light up your pool and use it even during night time with our pool lights. Clean your pool automatically with the best pool cleaners. Have a long lasting pool pump. Filter out the dirt with pool filters. Heat and cool your pool according to the weather! And even control your pump. It doesn’t stop here – you can also automatically access your pool with technology installed by us.

These are just a few of the numerous services we offer at Pool Shop Dubai. We carry a wide range of products to satisfy all your pool needs and stock the best products only from the most qualified brands.

Our staff is trained and skilled to answer all your queries regarding any subject and will give you the best suggestions. Every visit to Pool Shop Dubai is certain to end happily

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